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Charles Ostman

Talk Universe - show for
Wednesday, July 20th 2016

Are we destroying our world?

In this show Charles Ostman was interviewed about the causes of destruction of our world and its biosphere. He related that our dependence on petroleum was the major force that influences the destruction and that our economic models of perpetual growth are responsible for continuing the destruction. Our world is facing the loss of species, damage to our water supply from fracking, or hydraulic fracturing by the petroleum industry, and that his trips to Brazil showed him first-hand some of the damage done by deforestation in the Amazon Basin. The interview contained so much data that a second show will present the conclusion. The Singularity Watch revealed that "smart dust" is nearly here, with microscopic optical elements for tiny robots and sensors being made with 3D printing methods. This could lead to tiny sensors and robotic mechanisms as tiny as sand grains.

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