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Ed Minchau

Talk Universe - show for
Wednesday, July 27th 2016

How is 3D printing changing your life?

In this show we have an interview with Ed Minchau, engineer and co-host of the show. Ed will be a regular and will perform research and interviews and present materials. Our show will cover the amazing changes in our lives that 3D printing is demonstrating and what we can expect to see. We will attempt to outline some of the pivotal changes to industry and living that this technology is bringing about and we will see where it is possibly leading us. The Singularity Watch feature will address new and exciting changes in technology that appear to be taking us closer to the time when the growth of knowledge and technology will bring our world to some unimaginable transformation. Some links for our listeners: 3D printing on the Moon Lewis Grand Hotel Printed Science Daily article Printing a Bridge SuperDraco Printing in carbon Printing New Teeth

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